Thursday, September 14, 2006

School's In

Almost the second week of school down and we have made tremendous strides I feel as compared to the first 2 years. The teachers have been using tablets and projectors in their daily lessons. The laptop carts are being used by experienced and by next week inexperienced staff. This is the first time we were able to roll out the technology so quickly in the school year.

I did make one adjustment for the staff that I wanted to share. It is a nice program for scheduling equipment and rooms for schools. Last year, I had setup the event calendar in our content management system (Joomla) to be used as a way to sign out laptop carts. It was effective but not as easy to read and track equipment. I had done a quick Google search 2 days ago for school equipment reservation software and the second hit came up with Ohio State University. I clicked on the link to come to a login page with a program called phpScheduleIT. Being an avid open-source freak, seeing php in front of any software title ususally means it is open-source. The link to sourceforge was on the bottom of the login box. I downloaded the program on our web server, created the database, and set the configuration page with the server settings.

Yesterday I inputed all the laptop carts and all the users. I could have had the teacher's register themselves but I thought I would eliminate this step for now to make it easier for them. I tested the system and did a full staff "adult learning" session at the end of the day. Judging by the reaction of staff it was a great hit. So we have now enabled our staff with another learning community tool.

Quickly, one other great feature is, as an admin, you can specify which equipment/resources staff can reserve.

Download phpScheduleIT


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